Saturday, January 9, 2010

Musing#4: Friendship

Loyalty is when someone turns to you and tells you to run, then you say, "No," and help them.
Friendship is when someone tells you to run, and you say, "Hell no. You run," and you both stay.

Loyalty is when you follow someone to Hell and back, fighting and watching her back all the way.
Friendship is when you follow someone to Hell, and watch her back as you know she watches yours.

Loyalty is when you follow someone because he's right.
Friendship is when you stand by someone who's not.

Loyalty is a solid, honorable duty to stand by someone.
Friendship is when you can leave at any time, and don't.

Loyalty is a trait.
Friendship is a bond.

Hope is when you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and go to it.
Faith is when you see no light but follow it anyway.

Hope is when everything you know is destroyed, then you see something you don't know.
Faith is when everything is destroyed, so you look for something that isn't.

Music is emotion and pitch weaved together until we barely know how we can separate it.
Magic is that which you allow it to be.

Goodness is doing what helps.
Evil is doing what hurts.

Now, riddle me this: Which of these do I believe?


  1. At a guess -- all of them?

    Except I'm not so sure about the goodness and evil definitions. Goodness isn't always about doing what helps, unless you take a very long view of "helps." And one of the insidious natures of evil is that it doesn't always hurt, at least not right away.

  2. Amusingly enough, the ones you questioned are the ones I question.

    Well. Some of them.


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