"Primarily impressionistic." Impressionist writing means that the writing focuses more on the emotions of the character(s) than on concrete details. This can occasionally lead to stating things which are outright false--I don't have a good example on my blog, but this story demonstrates the concept--and, I have been told, often leads to some confusion.* At least in my stories.

"Weekly (Day)." The date of the last post +7 days is as long as will elapse before I post a new one. This schedulling took me a while to decide, so if you look back through the archives, you'll sometimes see me break the habit. I don't have a set update day, but if you pick a day of the week and come back every time it rolls around, I will have at least one new post every time you check. The parenthetical is the latest my next post is scheduled for. I have decided that hiatus will mean posting when the urge takes me.

Some posts I'd suggest to start with are the travel logs, because they flowed well so I assume they're okay, and these six posts because at least one reader suggested each of them.
* If you think you're the one I'm talking about, you aren't, because it isn't just one person.
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