Sunday, May 19, 2013

Silly and Serious Thanks

To the drawers who, from the first week of my time on campus to this very day, had never gone empty: I salute you for your brave service. You may rest.

To the drawers and shelves who have never been filled: The impediments placed upon you by design and limited space are not your fault. May you serve some taller person well, and live with honor.

To the desk: You lived bravely through stressful assignments, confusion, and spilled tea and ink. I wish you the best.

To the womb chairs in Mudd: Thank you for being a place of rest where I could hide and laugh or cry over a book without weathering odd looks. I hope to return to you often.

And to my fellow Obies: I miss you already. See you next year, unless you're a senior, in which case I wish you audacity, happiness, and strength--and I know you'll have them all in spades.

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