Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A breath huffed out. Hard to keep it up for too long, but worth it, worth it.

I am the edge to your blade
I am the knife of your steel
I am what you can't quite remember
And I am all that is real

Slipping through between the air, the pattern of slices the being. Slippery as water, slippery as fire.

Watch the silver flash by
Watch the sun set near
Listen, my darling, and wait
Soon it shall appear

Partnerless sparring, a fierce dance. No difference between the two, just the slide of blade on air. How beautiful, to breathe in ice.

Something swallowed, now in my breast
A sense to which only I can attest

Wild and free, there, alone, in the frosted over training ground, slip and no one knows, succeed and no one sees, just the frost, just the trees.

The beauty of crystal and the beauty of ice
The beauty that one sees once, twice
Here I stand among snowflakes that freeze
And nothing can touch me but the slice of the breeze

Tracks of sweat freezing as another hour passes by. Body pushing limits, mind rolling only enough to adjust to shifting wind and ground.

Something touches me, cuts through my sleeves
A sharp slice of winter through glacial breeze
Not painful, no slice, nothing so tame
Winter's call to heart breathes my name

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