Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Fall

Falling from grace
He keeps apace
Silently watching the drift.

Falling to low
Has to go slow
But good from the bad he can't sift.

Perhaps here is the wonder
Perhaps the song
We've sought for so long
So long.

And here we go
Murmuring too low
In the quiet of the riot
In the eye of the storm.
One false step, one left torn.
That's the bargain, now don't feel what you've borne.

Slowly wheedling at your core
Now wait, just a second more.
Here, you see? Here you fell
But here now, it is not your Hell.

Oh, no, don't watch me so
You asked and then you paid in full.
I heard you beg; I heard you plead
From the oven-baked to the dough you knead
You want it back, then that's your way.
You've given; I never said I'd taken away.

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