Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And as She Runs Away

She Fears She Won't Be Followed.

Because no matter what they've done, if they're all you've got...

That's why people will still love abusers. That's why Stockholm's Syndrome exists. Humans are pack animals. Deprive us of a pack, and we'll find one. Deprive us of any part of that pack--even an imagined part--and we'll search to the ends of the earth. Doesn't mean it'll be pretty.

But it doesn't mean it'll be ugly. The same instinct for pack leads us to protect and defend. The same feeling makes you band together with people you never thought you could. The same feeling meant Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, whatever prayed together after the WTC fell.

When what you have is all you've got...


It's amazing what you'll do to keep it.

Musing #5

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